Cybercriminals Get Another Good Reason to Avoid California



California unveiled yet another cybersecurity law enforcement tool with the Oct. 11 announcement of Fresno, California’s new California Cyber Crime Center (C4).

It seems to be a departing cybersecurity gift from California Attorney General Kamala Harris. She (almost certainly) leaves for Washington in January 2017 to join the Senate. The Fresno C4 unit, meant to assist local law enforcement with investigations, is only the first and Harris hopes the units will multiply to help local law enforcement across the state.

“What we are unveiling today, gives law enforcement tools that for the most part most (police and sheriff’s) departments do not have,” Harris said at the press conferences announcing C4.

Yet another unit was established within C4—the new Office of Digital Investigations “focuses on emerging technologies like software and data forensics and website reconstruction,” according to Harris’ press release.

Harris also created the Privacy Enforcement and Protection Unit in 2012—housed in the California Department of Justice’s eCrime Unit which was created in 2011—that doubled the number of prosecutors dedicated to enforcing state and federal privacy laws.

C4 will bring the eCrime Unit together with the Network Information Security Section, California Department of Justice’s office of cybersecurity experts and the Digital Evidence Unit (also developed in 2011) to investigate technology and digital information-related crimes.

C4 also creates a Cyber Accelerator program, which focuses on cybersecurity product innovation. It has already developed a mobile digital forensics laboratory called a Cyber Response Vehicle.

“We have utilized DOJ repeatedly for forensics on digital evidence,” Fresno police Chief Jerry Dyer, who joined Harris at the announcement, said. “It is something that has become more and more prevalent in our society.”

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