Like Cybersecurity Threat Data Sharing, Plus Here’s What I Made for Dinner


Facebook, already the home of the thousandth pic from your distant high school acquaintance of their kids on the first day of school, and the curated details of tonight’s dinner cooked by that guy who you kind of met that one time and is now your “friend,” is now also… a major corporate cybersecurity threat information sharing center.

In February, Facebook Inc. launched ThreatExchange for companies to share information on hacking incidents, cybercrime campaigns, software vulnerabilities and all sorts of other Web-nastiness. It requires an application to get into the beta testing and isn’t open to your average Facebook user.

Mark Hammell, manager of Facebook’s Threat Infrastructure team, recently announced that after six months the information sharing platform now has over 90 companies signed up from sectors including technology, security, insurance, financial services, higher education, defense and Internet service providers. Hammell didn’t list the companies, but a graphic accompanying his blog post shows that Pinterest, PayPal, Yahoo!, tumblr, Microsoft Inc., Dropbox Inc. and of course Facebook are members.

According to Hammell, the platform has over 3 million interactions every month.

Meanwhile during the same six months, the Senate punted floor action on its Cybersecurity Information Sharing Act (S. 754) until after the August recess. Of course that proposed law isn’t just about companies sharing information. It would offer liability protection for companies that share threat info with the government. And privacy advocates aren’t very happy with the bill.

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