Daily Labor Report 2016 Labor Outlook


From systemic pay discrimination to collective bargaining, overtime wages in low-wage industries to a First Amendment challenge to union agency fees in public employment, 2016 promises to set the course for key developments in issues facing labor and employment law.


Get ahead of the most important issues with Daily Labor Report’s 2016 Labor Outlook.  Prepared by Bloomberg Law’s expert labor and employment editorial team, the 2016 Labor Outlook includes detailed analysis and perspectives from top government officials and practitioners. Download the Outlook now to:


  • Hear from Labor Secretary Thomas Perez about his plans to finish several Labor Department regulatory projects this year—rules to extend employee eligibility for overtime pay, guidance on the president's Fair Pay and Safe Workplaces executive order, and rules requiring federal contractors to provide their employees paid sick leave.
  • Find out what the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission’s chair and general counsel have to say about the agency’s enforcement strategy and hot issues such as the legality of wellness plans under the Americans with Disabilities Act and whether current law prohibits discrimination based on sexual orientation and gender identity.
  • Get updates directly from the National Labor Relations Board’s chairman and general counsel about implementation of the controversial amended rules for processing representation cases and hot issues including joint employer liability and the status of graduate student workers.
  • Learn what actions the Republican-controlled Congress might take to oppose Obama administration objectives including the Trans-Pacific Partnership trade agreement, DOL rulemaking on overtime pay and the “persuader” rule, and executive actions on employment standards for federal contractors.


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