Data Security Sees Poll Numbers Rise


What do Donald Trump, Bernie Sanders and data security have in common? All have seen their poll numbers surge in 2016.

While presidential candidates pay attention to polling numbers, financial executives are paying attention to a poll of their own. Data security has risen from the bottom of the pack to the second most worrisome issue, according to a recent report by KPMG LLP on top issues for financial executives.

KPMG’s 25th Annual Accounting & Financial Reporting Symposium asked top financial executives “Beyond your specific financial reporting duties, what compliance issues most keep(s) you up at night?” 

Here are some of the results:


  • 31%  worry about internal controls over financial reporting;
  • 26% are sleepless over data infiltration and IT security;
  • 20% aren’t cozy over tax compliance;
  • 17% fear the madness of future regulatory mandates.

Data breaches at places ranging from Target to the Office of Personnel Management may be the reason for such a jump in numbers. And hackers, like campaign supporters, can be counted on to keep everyone’s eyes on the polls for the foreseeable future. 

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