Deal Analytics

There are two Deal Analytics tools: one searches Bloomberg’s proprietary Equity Offerings database and the other searches Bloomberg’s proprietary Mergers & Acquisitions database.


The Deal Analytics: Equity Offerings provides over 25 searchable fields with the best available information concerning almost 150,000 worldwide public offerings.


The Deal Analytics: M&A tool provides over 25 searchable fields with the best available information on over 550,000 public and private deals from around the world.


Results are presented in tabular form and can be sorted or exported to your spreadsheet program for further analysis, printing and annotation. The Deal Details link takes you a summary of the financial terms and advisers for each deal, and, if available, the deal documents and a convenient table of contents for the deal document.  

How to Access Deal Analytics 
  1. To view Deal Analytics, either enter "Deal" in the Search bar and select Deal Analytics M&A Search from the auto-complete menu, or on the Browse All Content drop down menu, select Corporate & Transactional, and click Deal Analytics.
  2. The Deal Analytics page displays. Use the toggle buttons at the top of the page to select either the Mergers & Acquisitions or Equity Offerings database. Use the filters to sort your results.

    Deal Analyzer_1

The Deal Analytics results display. Click Select Columns to choose the columns to display on the report. Click Add Search to Workspace to retain the results, to print and otherwise manipulate the data, click Export to Excel. Click the Deal Info icon Icon_Deal Analyzer to display full text documents and additional information about the deal. 


Deal Analyzer_2


In addition to the Deal Details, click the Document tab to view the full text of the Underwriting Agreement and Clause Outline to review portions of the agreement. The Document display offers the additional option to Run Draft Analyzer.


Deal Analyzer_3




 Deal Analyzer_5