Precedent Documents Overview

Bloomberg’s proprietary Precedent database gives you access to over 800,000 legal documents that top practitioners used in real transactions and filed with the Securities and Exchange Commission through EDGAR.


The Precedent documents in the precedent database have been analyzed and classified according to a number of helpful criteria so you can find transaction precedents specifically tailored to your needs.  

Search for Precedent documents and clauses by document type, clause title (clause search only), keyword, date, transaction type, governing law, Standard Industrial Classification (“SIC”) industry, party, law firm and attorney.


Additionally, a robust set of filters lets you narrow your results to the exact precedent that you need. Our clause search functionality lets you pinpoint precise language in specific clauses and compare your results with one another and with your own text.

How to Access Precedent Documents

To access the Precedent Documents, from the Bloomberg Law menu, select Corporate & Transactional and then click Precedent Search.  


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