Dean Scott


Dean Scott is Environment’s senior climate change and Capitol Hill environment reporter, covering U.S. and international climate and energy issues. 

Scott reports daily from Capitol Hill, where he tracks the Trump administration’s efforts to roll back environmental regulations and covers congressional debates on the economic impacts of environmental rules. He has covered environmental, regulatory reform, and other federal policy issues since 1991.  

Dean also covers the Paris climate agreement, including impacts of U.S. withdrawal under Trump; he has attended and covered all 12 of the last United Nations international climate change talks, which took him to summits between nearly 200 nations in Poland, Indonesia, the Netherlands, Mexico, Canada, France, Peru, South Africa, and Qatar.

He has appeared on numerous media outlets including C-SPAN, the Diane Rehm Show, Bloomberg TV, WTOP Radio, SiriusXM’s POTUS Politics, NPR, and Bloomberg Radio.  Dean has received multiple awards from the National Press Club and the Maryland-Delaware-DC Press Association and in 2012 was one of 10 U.S. environmental reporters awarded a fellowship from Carnegie Mellon’s Steinbrenner Institute for Environmental Education & Research.

In nearly 30 years of reporting he also has covered Supreme Court business cases and the environment for Kiplinger Editors as well as local and state politics for several newspaper groups including Landmark Publications.

Dean earned a B.S. in Journalism from the University of Maryland’s College of Journalism and an M.A. in Government from Johns Hopkins University. 

Follow Dean on Twitter @DeanTScott