December 2016

All New Bloomberg Law Business Intelligence Center

All Bloomberg Law users have access to the new Business Intelligence Center

The Business Intelligence Center can be accessed under the newly renamed Business Intelligence tab (formerly known as Companies & Markets) on Bloomberg Law or directly from the Home Page.

December 1


The Business Intelligence Center provides access to all of the same business development and competitive intelligence resources previously available on Bloomberg Law, including:

  • 3.5+ million Company Profiles
  • Deal Analytics
  • Company Report Writer
  • EDGAR filings
  • Company Screener
  • Bloomberg Briefs
  • People Search
  • Bloomberg League Tables
  • Company Watchlist
  • Law Firm Client Memos
  • Litigation Analytics
  • Social Velocity Alerts
  • Breaking Complaints
  • Big Law Business
  • Dockets
  • Bloomberg Gadfly

Additionally the Business Intelligence Center offers users the ability to create an unlimited number of fully custom Dashboards populated with the tools and searches they choose. 

Dashboards can be created from scratch or by starting with pre-made Template dashboards. 

Templates put all of the Bloomberg Law searches and tools available to perform a specific business development or company intelligence task or practice-area research on a single page. Templates also include guidance on how the information can be used for the task in question. 


December 2

Users can input the company, industry or other available fields over which to run the searches included on the Templates

Users can then save each Template as a new custom Dashboard and edit it further themselves. This provides the ability to remove, add and move tiles, as well as change the different search criteria.

When creating a Dashboard from scratch, users can add any number of individual tiles to a blank Dashboard. Tiles display results for different types of searches available on Bloomberg Law. Currently available search-based tile types include News, Dockets, EDGAR, EDGAR 10-K Risk Factors, Law Reports and Company Screener. 


In addition, users can add notes to their Dashboards using a Notes tile. Text and links can be inputted and saved directly to the Notes tile.


December 3


Users can also name their Dashboards and share them by email with any Bloomberg Law user at their organization. 


December 4

Dashboards are refreshed automatically, so the most up-to-date results will always appear first.

You can view a short video showing the new Business Intelligence Center here.

New Chart Builder Covers Investment Adviser Representative Registration & Reporting Requirements

A new state securities law chart builder has been added to the Bloomberg Law Securities Practice Center and Bloomberg Law: Corporate Transactions. The chart builders provide details and source links on key Blue Sky registration requirements and exemptions across all 50 states and the District of Columbia. The chart builders provide our clients with quick access to securities registration requirements and exemptions information—intelligence that is vital prior to making a securities offering in any state. Our newest chart builder, Investment Adviser Representative Registration & Reporting, covers the licensing and registration requirements applicable to individuals employed as representatives of investment advisers.

New Private M&A Practical Guidance Suite Added

A new Private M&A Suite has been added to the Corporate Transactions practical guidance, which houses step-by-step transactional drafting tips on Private Asset Purchase transactions, Stock Purchase transactions and Private Merger transactions. The previous Merger suite has been renamed Public M&A and contains a new Public Merger transaction, in addition to Public Asset Purchase and Takeover/Tender Offer transactions.

New Capital Markets Practical Guidance Added- Rule 144A Debt Offerings

A new step-by-step transaction for Rule 144A Debt Offerings is now up and available in Capital Markets practical guidance on Bloomberg Law and in the Corporate Transactions workflow solution. This complete set of practical guidance contains overviews, annotated timeline and checklists, chart builders, forms, document overviews, precedents and a wealth of other information relating to exempt offerings of securities, commonly referred to as “Rule 144A Offerings.” This particular transaction focuses on investment grade debt securities and complements our recently published Rule 144A High Yield Debt Offering transaction, which focuses on “junk” debt.

December 5

New Banking Tools Aid Tracking of Emerging Issues

Bloomberg Law Banking’s Prepaid Access Tracker captures all formal and informal guidance on prepaid access issued by the federal agencies and Congress since 2011. The tracker provides direct links to and summaries of the guidance, and allows users to filter the federal guidance by agency and main issue(s) addressed. In a time when the laws and regulations on emerging payments are constantly in flux, it is critical for those in the industry to know the direction federal regulators are heading. Bloomberg Law Banking’s Prepaid Access Tracker keeps users apprised of all relevant federal agency and congressional guidance as it is issued.


Licensing of Digital Currency Transmission Map:  A  Licensing of Digital Currency Transmission Map provides a visual summary of the various state licensing laws on the transmission of digital currency. This map enhances and supplements the money transmission state law chart builders and the digital currency fintech trackers by providing users with a visual medium that allows for a quick comparison of state digital currency licensing laws. Money transmitters have received increased attention recently with the rise of digital currency and fintech companies who transmit new forms of currency, and thus money transmitters must be aware of all current and future licensing requirements that may cover their transmission activities. The map appears on a newly redesigned FinTech practice page.

Expansion of Smart Code Functionality to Twelve New States: Alaska, Hawaii, Idaho, Maine, Montana, Nebraska, Nevada, New Hampshire, North Dakota, Rhode Island, South Dakota, and Wyoming

Bloomberg Law's Smart Code functionality has been expanded to twelve new states: Alaska, Hawaii, Idaho, Maine, Montana, Nebraska, Nevada, New Hampshire, North Dakota, Rhode Island, South Dakota, and Wyoming. Users can now pull up a statute or regulation from any of those states and click on the Smart Code tab located along the top of the page to quickly view extracts of court opinions discussing the provision they are researching. This feature allows users to filter the relevant extracts by Keyword, Date, Court, or Topic to easily identify the most useful results. Smart Code uses machine learning to assign a strength of discussion score on a sliding scale from “weak” to “strong”, enabling users to focus on the legal discussions most likely to inform their research.


The specific codes and regulations where Smart Code has been added include:














New Hampshire


North Dakota


Rhode Island


South Dakota



Covenants Not to Compete: A State-by-State Survey has been updated with new 2016 supplement material

This respected and authoritative treatise delivers the information practitioners need to analyze, draft, and confidently litigate covenants not to compete and other restrictive covenants in the employment, partnership, franchise, license, and sale-of-business contexts. Comprehensive in scope and yet easy to use, Covenants Not to Compete provides fingertip access to critical information, whether the user is searching by state, by topic, by questions of first impression, or by issues that have been specifically identified as unresolved by courts. Using a uniform topic structure that provides a comparative view across states, this treatise is invaluable for lawyers with a multi-jurisdictional practice, as well as for those seeking persuasive authority from other states.