Diego Salto

Diego Salto

Diego Salto is a Founder and Tax Partner with AFC in Costa Rica. He advises both local and international companies in the areas of consulting, litigation, and tax planning. Mr. Salto formerly worked for International Consulting Firms both in Costa Rica and Spain, mainly focusing on corporate tax advisory. He is considered by Latin Lawyer, published by the U.K. Law Business Research Institute, as one of the top five Central American tax lawyers. Chambers Global considers Mr. Salto as one of the most recommended tax advisors in Costa Rica. Additionally, Diego has worked as an external consultant for the Inter-American Development Bank in training programs aimed at government officials.

In addition to his business practice, Mr. Salto is also a columnist for the financial weekly newspaper El Financiero. He has published academic and op-ed articles in specialized local and international magazines such as Tax Analysts (USA), Crónica Tributaria (Spain), Actualidad Económica (Costa Rica), Eka (Costa Rica), Moneda (Guatemala), and Iustitia (Costa Rica). Co-author of "Fraude y Evasión Fiscal" (Investigaciones Jurídicas-Centro de Estudios Tributarios, 2002).

Mr. Salto has also served as a faculty member at Universidad de Costa Rica (UCR), Universidad para la Cooperación Internacional (UCI), and Universidad Escuela Libre de Derecho.

Doctorate in Finance and Tax Law, Universidad de Sevilla, Spain
Licentiate in Law, Universidad Escuela Libre de Derecho