Disabled Veterans: Workplace Opportunities and Accommodations

Disabled Veterans: Workplace Opportunities and Accommodations looks at the numbers of disabled veterans entering the workforce, the nature of their disabilities and possible accommodations for them, employers’ legal obligations to former service men and women, examples of exemplary reemployment programs, and best practices for HR professionals working with reemployed veterans. 

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Many returning veterans face obstacles in making the transition back into the workplace. Some of these men and women return with disabilities – visible and invisible.

Due to the importance of accommodating veterans reintegrating into civilian life who are seeking employment, it is important to understand that veterans in all situations will need assistance in returning to the workforce. HR professionals can play a pivotal role in helping veterans adjust to the civilian workplace.

Veterans with physical or mental disabilities face additional workplace challenges. Accommodations vary, depending on the disability at hand – but employers are making every effort to employ individuals who have sacrificed for our country. In addition, employers may have a legal obligation under federal law to employ returning veterans if they were employees before deployment.

The information contained in this resource will provide you with a detailed overview of the wide range of situations employment of disabled veterans presents and how to best accommodate these individuals, acting on behalf of your employer.

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