Disney Data Breach Has Walter Rolling in His Cryogenic Chamber


Walter Elias Disney imagined a world of interconnected devices, smart cities and friendly faces combined. He introduced his city of the future—Tomorrowland—at Disneyland in 1955 and at Disney World in 1971. But Disney didn’t envision cyberattacks and data breaches that would impact many companies. Little would he realize that his magical kingdom of the future would be the subject of a data breach. 

According to a July 29 statement, forums on Disney’s online interactive game platform, Playdom, were breached. The unauthorized access was discovered July 12 and included “usernames, e-mail addresses and passwords for playdomforums.com accounts, as well as internet protocol (IP) addresses collected during user registration,” Disney said.

In reaction to the breach, Disney said it “shut down the playdomforums.com website and invalidated all user passwords for the affected accounts.” It also referred the matter to law enforcement agencies and will increase cybersecurity going forward.

The House of Mouse should let this data breach go and be more proactive to prevent and be prepared for future data breaches across all Disney-owned websites and properties. As this breach shows, no target is off limits. For hackers, it’s a small world after all.

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