DNS Policy Notes for Aug. 27, 2014

Collected news and opinion about the Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers, the domain name business, Internet governance, and miscellaneous other cyberlaw topics for Aug. 27, 2014.

NETmundial Initiative on Livestream

Dios mio, this was hard to find. Here is the link to the webcast of the World Economic Forum’s NETmundial Initiative event in Geneva. The agenda is here. Some portions will be closed to the public.

IANA Transition Proposals at the ITU Plenipot?

Yes and no. Yes, it’s possible that proposals urging the International Telecommunication Union to wade into the IANA transition discussion will be raised in Busan. But, no, they won’t go anywhere because – among other reasons – they have not been discussed in any of the preparatory meetings leading up to the Plenipot.

GNSO Council Set to Take Action on GAC Liaison, IGO-INGO Protections

ICANN’s Generic Names Supporting Organization (GNSO) yesterday published the agenda for the Sept. 4 council meeting. Leading matters that may see action are:

  • A motion to elect Mason Cole, VP of communications and industry relations at portfolio registry Donuts Inc., and former chair of the GNSO's Registrar Stakeholder Group, to the recently created position of GNSO Liaison to the GAC. If chosen, Cole's principal duties will be to brief the GAC on GNSO policy development work and to otherwise improve communications between the GNSO and the GAC.
  • A motion to reconvene the IGO-INGO PDP Working Group and re-confirm Thomas Rickert as chair. The GNSO and the ICANN board's New gTLD Program Committee are at odds over the anti-cybersquatting protections that ICANN should give to international governmental and non-governmental organizations in the new top-level domains. The main difference between the GNSO and the NGPC is the NGPS's request that IGO-INGO protections in the Trademark Clearinghouse be extended indefinitely, instead of the 90-day protections recommended by the GNSO. The motion also directs ICANN to put the matter out for public comment.
  • Adoption of a charter to create a working group to develop a proposal for the IANA stewardship transition.

The text of all motions are available here.

Republican Party Puts Up register.gop

GOP Register Website

I will highlight on this blog as many examples as many examples of .brand TLD usage as come to my attention. Name choices for second-level domains and email addresses within .brand TLDs are uncharted territory. Here, at register.gop, the Republican Party puts out a call for people to register as Republicans. The domain seems short enough to catch type-in traffic and memorable enough to find its way into speeches and television spots.


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