Docket Key

Bloomberg Law’s® proprietary Docket Key® docket filing classification system is a
unique and innovative system that identifies and classifies entries on a docket sheet.


Docket Key makes locating underlying filings easy, quick, and precise by targeting 20 categories, including motions, briefs, orders, and more!


This technology guarantees access to the filings you are looking for instead of those that mention the keyword.

Docket Key is available in the following courts:


 DK Court May 19b

Advanced Search Functionality


The Filing Type filter targets your search to specific filing types and docket entries for civil cases only


Use the Apply Date To toggle to search either by the date the docket was opened or the date the entry was filed.


Navigate to Matching Entries Directly from the Search Results


  1. Go directly to the full Docket Sheet
  2. View or Request a PDF document directly from the search results
  3. Go directly to a filtered view of the docket showing the entries matching your search


Filter Docket Sheet by Filing Type and Date


  1. Filter the Docket Sheet or include more filing types by using either Filing Type or Entry Date
  2. Click to Expand to see unmatched entries