Bloomberg BNA's document delivery services provide quick, convenient access to copies of original documents, including copies of draft or final legislation, special tax or trade rulings, federal and state court opinions, agency decisions, and copies of company or union documents filed at federal agencies. In addition, Bloomberg BNA has developed one of the most extensive private collections of published and unpublished documents from U.S. government, business, labor, and legal sources. 

When you call to ask about a document, our knowledgeable specialists get to work right away to research your request. We usually can get the precise document you require into your hands ─ often the very same day.

When you need unusual or hard-to-find documents ─ or need to monitor the development of specific legal or legislative topics on a daily, weekly, monthly, or quarterly basis ─ Research & Custom Solutions can provide this service for you as well, customizing it to your exact needs.

Most documents are sent out within one business day and can be delivered by email, fax, UPS, or Federal Express. Shipping, handling, state sales tax, messenger, fax, or expedited shipment charges are additional.

To order a document or inquire about our customized services please call 800.372.1033 and select option 5, or email