Download Now: 2016 Outlook on IP, Privacy, Tech and Telecom


2016 promises to set the course for key developments in the fast-moving areas of IP, privacy and telecommunications, from hotly-contested disputes over the fair use of copyrighted material and looming privacy battles between the U.S. government and technology companies over encrypted communications to the March kick-off of the FCC’s auction of coveted spectrum and continued challenges for patent holders.

Get up to speed on the most important issues with the Daily Report for Executives 2016 Outlook on IP, Privacy and Tech & Telecom. Crafted by our expert editorial team, the Outlook includes detailed analysis, including infographics and perspectives from the players shaping the issues in 2016 and for years to come. Download the Outlook now to:

  • Learn about potential developments in the fair use doctrine with an emphasis on application of the Digital Millennium Copyright Act and cases that might see activity in the courts, including Authors Guild v. Google, Inc.
  • Get an in-depth look at a renewed debate over government access to encrypted communications in the wake of recent attacks, and understand how this push might impact technology companies and consumers.
  • View an at-a-glance chart of top carrier spectrum holdings, as the industry prepares for broadcasters to give up some of their spectrum for the FCC to auction to wireless carriers eager to quickly prepare the spectrum for mobile use.
  • See quarter-to-quarter growth of AIA Patent Challenge Filings of inter partes review and covered business method challenges and law firm representation charts of cases before the PTAB.
  • Understand the impact of ICANN’s push to reach an agreement on recourse for domain name registrars and internal transitions in ICANN, including a final move toward self-governance.

Download the 2016 Outlook now.