Download Now: Access Health Care Cybersecurity Insights


From patient medical and insurance records to social security numbers, billing, and beyond, medical information has become a growing target for cyberthieves. 

The results of a survey conducted by Bloomberg Law and the American Health Lawyers Association underscore the growing need for health law attorneys – both those practicing in-house and within law firms – to mitigate the potential risks and keep up with the latest developments for their organizations and their clients. 

Download your FREE copy and review the survey results on the biggest health care cybersecurity issues, including: 

  • Factors contributing to recent health care breache
  • How to best mitigate the risks of a health-related cyberattack
  • Future responsibilities related to cybersecurity
  • How professionals are responding to breach situations


Plus, you will also have access to: 

  • Practice tools 
  • A glossary of key cybersecurity terms and definitions expertly-crafted by the American Health Lawyers Associatio
  • An analysis piece -- Practical Tips for In-House Counsel From Recent Private Data Security Breach Litigation