Download Now: Bloomberg Law Special Report - Big 2017 Premium Increase Requests Looking Likely



As the health care industry keeps up with Affordable Care Act implementation and realities, supporters and critics of the law are studying details of 2014 data on enrollment, payment and more.  Statistics for 2014 will set the foundation for modifications and changes of course for ACA participation in the coming years.

This Bloomberg Law Special Report, Big 2017 Premium Increase Requests Looking Likely, details how several plans are struggling with severe losses as a result of participating in the plans. In fact, in 2014, 70 percent of Affordable Care Act qualified health plans (QHPs) lost money.

The report also provides expert insights into how these losses could shape future participation of health plans in the exchanges and includes:

  • Recommendations to make plans more profitable, including narrowing networks and tightening special enrollment period requirements.

  • A detailed analysis of the Blue Cross Blue Shield plans. With 60 percent of ACA enrollees in BCBS plans, the pain points felt by the insurance giant are sure to be felt by other players in the marketplaces.

  • An overview of the potential premium increases participants in the plans could see in the coming years to offset provider losses.


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