Download Now: Bring Your Own Device Policy Language and Considerations


Today’s workplace demands increased productivity, and organizations are interested in the flexibility and advantages that come with allowing their employees to take their work with them. Bring your own device (BYOD) is quickly becoming the expectation rather than the exception in today’s workplace.

But with this expectation comes a need to develop guidance and best practices for successfully implementing BYOD policies in the workplace. In this Bloomberg Law report, Bring Your Own Device Policy Language and Considerations for HR, Legal, IT and Facilities Stakeholders, you will get sample checklists with key considerations and issues to address as departments around the organization communicate these policies to employees. Sample questions from the report include:

  • Does the organization have the right to examine data collected or processed by employee-added applications whether or not such applications are prohibited by policy?
  • What behavior is strictly prohibited in conjunction with other organizational policies, e.g., Harassment? Texting and driving? Talking and driving?
  • In what areas should device use be restricted? How many devices would be allowable to an individual employee?

Download the report now.