Download Excerpted Portfolio Now -- Health Care Mergers and Acquisitions: The Transactional Perspective


When health care corporations are considering embarking upon a transaction, it is critical that the parties -- both the seller and the buyer -- conduct detailed due diligence at the beginning of the process to ensure a full understanding of the operational, financial and legal compliance issues related to the transaction.

Download this excerpt from Bloomberg Law’s Health Care Mergers and Acquisitions: The Transactional Perspective, the latest in in the Health Law & Business Portfolio Series. Crafted by expert practitioners at Ropes & Gray, LLC, download the excerpt now for:

  • A detailed due diligence checklist form licensed from the American Health Lawyers Association, adapted, revised and fully annotated by Ropes & Gray, LLC with assistance from Bloomberg Law editorial staff. The checklist included is a sample for a simple, small-dollar transaction involving a general healthcare provider or supplier.
  • An analysis of the types of high priority information, from financial information to restrictive covenants that may be requested at the onset of the process.
  • Summary points of key considerations in the process, for example,  how much attention a seller pays to its compliance program and questions to consider in that regard.