Download Now: Health Care’s Strange New Bedfellows and How You Can Be Ready for Them



** Crafted by Bloomberg Law's expert editorial team for the American Health Lawyers Association Transactions Conference**

In the post-ACA health care climate, organizations from hospitals and insurance companies to pharmaceuticals and tech startups are positioning themselves to not only survive, but thrive, in the new landscape by combining in M&A transactions – including innovative joint venture and clinical affiliation agreements.

Get a detailed explanation of the background behind this surge in health care transactions and understand the compliance landscape and potential pitfalls with Bloomberg Law’s special report, Health Care’s Strange New Bedfellows and How You Can Be Ready for Them

Crafted by Bloomberg Law’s expert editorial team for theAmerican Health Lawyers Association Transactions Conference, the report includes:

  • Summaries and graphics detailing the fast-paced increase in these types of transactions – health care M&A deals reached an astounding $605 billion in 2015 – an the growing role of private investors in these agreements.
  • Valuable examples of thwarted potential transactions and agreements that have been successfully executed. 
  • Discussions of the unique role of real estate and property in health care transactions as the demand for laboratory space soars.

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