EDGAR Search

How to Access the Specialized EDGAR Search

There are three ways to access the Specialized EDGAR Search from the Bloomberg Law Menu;

  1. Select Search & Browse and, under Specialized Searches, select EDGAR.
  2. Select Transactional Law, and click EDGAR.
  3. Select Companies & Markets and select Search EDGAR.
How to Use the EDGAR Specialized Search

  1. Forms - To search for specific SEC forms, use the auto-complete search or Browse Button. The auto-complete search will show relevant searches when you input the first letters of the form. You can also click on the Browse Button and select the form from the available table of contents.
  2. Exhibits  - You can limit your search to a standard exhibit number. The list of available Exhibit Types will narrow based on your selected Form Type.
  3. Exhibit Title - This will search the descriptive titles of EDGAR exhibits that filers have included, if any. While some EDGAR filers include descriptive titles for exhibits that are submitted to EDGAR, the SEC does not require inclusion of these titles. As a result, search results based on this search criteria may be incomplete.
  4. Keywords - You can search for exact phrases by placing them in quotes, or connect keywords using Boolean search operators. Select Include Word Variations to have the search automatically include common suffixes for the terms you enter.
  5. Apply Search Criteria to - Select Forms Only to finds filings where your search terms appear only in the underlying forms. Exhibits Only will show exhibits that contain your search terms. Your search results will contain the underlying filings if you select "Form & Exhibits" or "Forms Only". Click on a filing in the results list to see links to the underlying form and its exhibits. When you select "Exhibits Only," your search results will contain the exhibits themselves. By clicking on a link in the results list, you will be taken directly to the relevant exhibit.

EDGAR Search Form

How to Use the Company/Filer Information Search Fields

  1. Name - Enter a individual or entity Name to search documents filed by a specific filer, issuer, company or reporting owner.
  2. CIK - Every company and individual who files with the SEC is granted a unique identifier called a Central Index Key (CIK). CIK number includes all former names of the relevant entity or individual. Generally, searching by CIK is more comprehensive than searching by the name of a filer, reporting owner or issuer.
  3. Ticker - The Ticker field returns filings where the company is the filer, the subject company of insider filings on insider filings and/or the target of a publicly-reported merger or acquisition.
  4. Company Group - limit your search to 100 companies that meet specified criteria. All criteria is determined using Bloomberg data after the close of each trading day in the United States. The most current market information is matched to the date of the latest EDGAR filing made by a company, therefore only companies that meet the selected criteria and have submitted an EDGAR filing since they have met that criteria are included in a group. View PDF to view Company Group Descriptions.
  5. Location - Type a few letters of the U.S. city, U.S. state or country where at least one of the parties to the filing maintains its principal place of business and choose from the suggested choices.
  6. Place of Inc. - Type a few letters of the U.S. State or country in the State of Incorporation field and choose from the options in order to search for documents filed by a party that is organized in that location.
  7. SIC Industry - You can enter an industry name or SIC code to search EDGAR filings related to a specific industry. Enter the name of the industry in this field or browse and select it from the industry index.

EDGAR Search Form 2

How to Use the Submission Information Search Fields

  1. Filing Date - If you would like to narrow your date range click the Date Range drop-down menu and select one of the choices.
  2. Period Date - To find documents filed in the preceding period, enter the final date of the period you are interested in searching. 
  3. EDGAR file No. - The SEC assigns unique file numbers to registrations, applications and reports made by issuers. Use the File Number field to find forms or exhibits by their specific EDGAR File Number.

EDGAR Search Form 3