Our editorial teams are at the center of our work at Bloomberg BNA and help produce essential, innovative content every day. Team members are responsible for researching, analyzing, writing, editing, reporting, and delivering critical information on the topics that matter most to our clients. Our content is second to none and helps our clients stay one step ahead of their clients’ and business needs. Bloomberg BNA’s authoritative coverage spans the full range of legal practice areas, including tax & accounting, labor & employment, intellectual property, banking & securities, employee benefits, health care, privacy & security, human resources, and environment, health & safety. Our editorial team members are primarily located in Arlington, Virginia.

Our best editorial team members:
  • Are focused, deadline-driven, and committed to delivering excellent content.
  • Possess superior analytical and writing skills to present information to a wide range of audiences in a way that cuts to the heart of the matter and presents new insights on both familiar and unfamiliar topics.
  • Embrace new technologies and ways of delivering information that match the needs of Bloomberg BNA’s customers and the ever-changing market.