Editors and Reporters

Michael Baer

Michael Baer is managing editor for Bloomberg BNA’s Payroll Library ™, Payroll Decision Support Network ™, and  International Payroll Decision Support Network ™ services in the Tax...

Martin Berman-Gorvine

Martin Berman-Gorvine covers employment testing and literacy issues, harassment and workplace violence, and social networking/new media for Human Resources Report ™, Bulletin to Management ™...

Lydell C. Bridgeford

Lydell C. Bridgeford covers affirmative action and equal employment opportunity laws and regulations for Affirmative Action Compliance Manual for Federal Contractors ™ and EEOC Compliance...

Jay-Anne B. Casuga

Jay-Anne Casuga covers federal and state labor and employment law rulings and the U.S. Labor Department’s Office of Federal Contract Compliance Programs for Daily Labor Report ® and Workplace...

Gayle Cinquegrani

Gayle Cinquegrani covers the U.S. Department of Labor for Daily Labor Report ® . 

Genevieve Douglas

Genevieve Douglas covers workplace issues around harassment and discrimination, psychological, behavioral, and neurological health matters and social media and other new technology impacting...

Lawrence E. Dubé

Lawrence E. Dubé covers labor and employment law for Daily Labor Report ® .

Sean Forbes

Sean Forbes covers the Department of Labor's Employee Benefits Security Administration and construction law.

Caryn Freeman

Caryn Freeman covers human resources technology, workforce analytics/strategic, workforce planning, talent management, recruitment, retention and diversity & inclusion for Human Resources...

Sara Hansard

Sara Hansard covers federal health insurance regulation and the Affordable Care Act. 

Keith M. Hill

Keith Hill covers federal and local income tax withholding, and federal taxation of wages and benefits for Payroll Library ™.

Jared Mondschein

Jared Mondschein is a research analyst for Bloomberg BNA's  International Payroll Decision Support Network ™. 

Chris Opfer

Chris Opfer covers labor and employment issues in Congress for Daily Labor Report ® .

Ben Penn

Benn Penn covers United Auto Workers, fast-food worker campaigns and labor economics for Daily Labor Report ® and Labor Relations Week ™.

Howard Perlman,, CPP

Howard Perlman is a Certified Payroll Professional who covers all aspects of U.S. payroll administration, including unemployment insurance, workers’ compensation and temporary disability insurance...

Christine Pulfrey

Christine Pulfrey covers wage and hour issues and child support and garnishments.

Caitlin E. Reilly

Caitlin Reilly covers state income tax withholding and local wage and benefit issues.

Rhonda Smith

Rhonda Smith covers labor unions, issues affecting U.S. employers in the private sector, and workplace challenges for low income workers for Daily Labor Report ® and Labor Relations Week ™.

Michael Trimarchi

Michael Trimarchi is a copy editor and writer for Payroll Library ™.