Editors and Reporters

Adam Allington

Adam Allington covers global environmental trends.

Patrick Ambrosio

Patrick Ambrosio is an assistant managing editor for Bloomberg Environment.

Sylvia Carignan

Sylvia Carignan covers Superfund and hazardous waste issues.

Andrew Childers

Andrew Childers is an editor overseeing coverage of air, water, and waste.

Fatima Hussein

Fatima Hussein covers legal issues with focus on worker safety.

Rebecca Kern

Rebecca Kern covers energy.

Stephen Lee

Stephen Lee covers mining.

Bobby Magill

Bobby Magill covers energy.

Sam Pearson

Sam Pearson covers worker safety and chemical security.

Pat Rizzuto

Pat Rizzuto covers chemical policies and the science that underpins them. 

Bruce Rolfsen

Bruce Rolfsen covers worker safety and whistleblowers.

Amena Saiyid

Amena Saiyid covers air quality.

Renee Schoof

Renee Schoof is an editor on energy and climate issues.

David Schultz

David Schultz covers water pollution, water infrastructure, and drinking water.

Dean Scott

Dean Scott covers environmental developments in Congress.

Abby Smith

Abby Smith covers climate change and the Environmental Protection Agency.

Tiffany Stecker

Tiffany Stecker covers pesticides.