Editors and Reporters

Tripp Baltz

Tripp Baltz is a staff correspondent for Bloomberg BNA based in Denver.

Martina Barash

Martina Barash covers litigation and regulation for the Product Safety & Liability Reporter .

Jeff Bater

Jeff Bater covers banking regulation issues.

Jeannie Baumann

Jeannie Baumann covers regulatory, policy and legislative developments involving medical research and life sciences for Medical Research Law & Policy Report ®  and Life Sciences Law &...

Stephanie Beasley

Stephanie Beasley covers highways, transit, aviation and railroad issues for Daily Report for Executives ™ and Transportation Watch .

Lydia Beyoud

Lydia Beyoud covers the Federal Communications Commission and federal telecommunications issues for Daily Report for Executives™ .

Cheryl Bolen

Cheryl Bolen is Bloomberg BNA's White House correspondent and also covers general regulatory policy.

Michael Bologna

Michael Bologna is a staff correspondent for Bloomberg BNA based in Chicago. 

Ethan Bowers

S. Ethan Bowers is Managing Editor of the ABA/BNA Lawyers’ Manual on Professional Conduct™.

Len Bracken

Len Bracken covers negotiations on the Trans-Pacific Partnership and Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership agreements for International Trade Daily ™ and International Trade Reporter ...

David Brandolph

David Brandolph covers multiemployer pension fund and pension plan investment issues.

Rossella Brevetti

Rossella Brevetti covers North America trade developments, dumping and countervailing duty decisions, and Customs and Border Protection for International Trade Reporter ™.

Tera Brostoff

Tera E. Brostoff is a Senior Legal Editor who covers civil and criminal eDiscovery issues, spoliation of electronic evidence and sanctions for discovery misconduct and changes to the Federal Rules...

Chris Bruce

Chris Bruce covers banking legal and regulatory issues.