Editors and Reporters

Cheryl Saenz

Cheryl Saenz is news director for Bloomberg BNA’s Tax and Accounting Division, overseeing federal, state and international tax as well as accounting news. 

Nisreen Said

Bloomberg Tax
Nisreen Said is an Editor who tracks developments in the international tax in the Middle East and Africa and works on maintaining and updating analysis in the Global Tax Guide. She also coordinates...

S. Ali Sartipzadeh

S. Ali Sartipzadeh is the managing editor for Bloomberg BNA’s Tax and Accounting Division, responsible for accounting coverage.

Jayanti Singh

Bloomberg Tax
Jayanti Singh has been an International Tax Law Editor at Bloomberg BNA since May 2016. She focuses primarily on analyzing and updating content for the International Withholding Tax Chart Builder....

Penny Sukhraj

Bloomberg Tax
Penny is Managing Editor for International Tax, based in London. She joined in June 2016, having previously worked at Wolters Kluwer U.K., Incisive Media in 2006 and the Sunday Times in South Africa...