EHS Audit Action Manager

The EHS Audit Action Manager, powered by Enviance, allows you to access both BNA Auditor’s and Global Auditor's custom audit scorecards from your office or in the field using your iPad® or mobile tablet. The power and sophistication of both BNA Auditor and Global Auditor are now available anywhere you are!




The EHS Audit Action Manager builds on the capabilities of BNA Auditor and Global Auditor, allowing you to manage your entire audit. Record findings, take corrective actions, score performance, and view detailed dashboards highlighting audit performance by manager, facility, or topic.

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• Import Scorecards from BNA Auditor and Global Auditor into the EHS Audit Action Manager.
• Conduct audits on your mobile device (or your desktop or laptop).
• Click or talk to document findings and comments, and set corrective actions.
• Take and attach pictures for your audits or self assessments.
• Pinch, zoom, scroll, and filter to select regions, facilities, or types of facilities.
• Access an “at-a-glance” map view of your facilities and their audit performance history.
• View up-to-the-minute results of your entire program in a graphical dashboard.
• Rely on detailed instructions, auditor guide notes, field-tested checklists, and accurate updates.
• Cover your facilities in over 150 jurisdictions around the world.




    • Air Quality
    • Denatured Alcohol
    • Drinking Water
    • EHS Management Systems
    • Hazardous Materials/Waste
    • Oil and Petroleum
    • Pesticides, Herbicides, and Fungicides
    • Radiation Protection
    • Solid Wastes
    • Special Pollutants
    • Storage Tanks
    • Toxic Substances
    • Wastewater
    • Wetlands


      • Bloodborne Pathogens
      • Chemical Exposures
      • Compressed Gases
      • Confined Spaces
      • Diving
      • Electric Power Generation, Transmission, and Distribution
      • Electrical Safety
      • Excavations
      • Exit Routes
      • Fire Protection
      • General Environmental Controls
      • General Industry
      • Handheld Tools
      • Hazard Communication
      • Hazardous Materials
      • HAZWOPER
      • ISO 9000
      • Lockout/Tagout
      • Machinery and Machine Guarding
      • Materials Handling
      • Medical/First-Aid
      • Occupational Health
      • Personal Protection
      • Powered Platforms
      • Process Safety
      • Recordkeeping
      • Telecommunications
      • Welding, Cutting, and Brazing

        OSHA Construction Topics (Federal only)

        • Blasting and use of explosives
        • Commercial diving operations
        • Concrete and masonry
        • Cranes, derricks, hoists, and lifts
        • Demolition
        • Electrical
        • Excavations
        • Fall protection
        • Fire protection and prevention
        • General safety and health
        • Hand and power tools
        • Hazardous waste operations and emergency response
        • Materials handling
        • Occupational exposures and environmental controls
        • Personal protective and life saving equipment
        • Power transmission and distribution
        • Process safety management
        • Recordkeeping and posting
        • Rollover protection equipment
        • Scaffolding
        • Signs, signals, and barricades
        • Stairways and ladders
        • Steel erection
        • Toxic and hazardous substances
        • Underground construction, caissons, cofferdams, and compressed air
        • Welding and cutting

        DOT Hazardous Materials Transportation & Motor Carrier Safety Topics (Federal only)

        • Hazardous materials transportation
        • Hazardous materials transported by aircraft
        • Hazardous materials transported by motor vehicle
        • Hazardous materials transported by rail
        • Hazardous materials transported by vessel
        • Motor carrier safety

        Pipeline Safety Topics (Federal only)

        • Alcohol Misuse Prevention and Anti-Drug Program
        • Hazardous liquid and carbon dioxide transportation
        • Liquefied natural gas systems
        • Natural gas systems

        FIFRA Topics (Federal only)

        • General requirements and storage
        • Pesticide containers (including labeling and repackaging requirements)
        • Producers and refillers
        • Worker protection
        • Pesticide containment structures
        • Federal applicator certification

        Fire Code Management of Hazardous Materials Topics (Federal only)

        • National Fire Protection Association (NFPA)
        • NFPA, Uniform Fire Code™
        • International Fire Code
        • Uniform Fire Code™

        Greenhouse Gas  (Federal only)

        • Air Emission Management
        • Chemicals Management
        • Emergency Preparedness/Response
        • Facility/Process Safety
        • General Environmental Requirements
        • Hazardous Materials Management/Transport
        • Occupational Health
        • Safety Management
        • Waste Management
        • Water Management



        Analysis, guidance, and primary source material.

        Formats and Frequency

        For details on customization options, contact your Bloomberg BNA Representative by calling Customer Relations at 800.372.1033 (M-F 8:00am – 8:00pm, excluding most federal holidays).