After the Election, There’s This Spending Thing That Congress Needs to Settle

 resized Brian Dabbs enviro riders graphic

Whether we face a Republican President Donald Trump or Democratic President Hillary Clinton after the election and which party takes control of the House and Senate will certainly change up a number of things, including the direction Congress may take to authorize government spending under its appropriations process, reports Brian Dabbs.

And this year’s budget legislation for fiscal year 2017 is packed with an unprecedented number of environmental riders, additional measures added to bills.  

So when Congress returns Nov. 8, after the elections, members will have just 14 legislative days to tackle these riders and figure out a way to keep the government operating past Dec. 8, when federal funding expires, Brian says. 

Meanwhile conservation groups are gearing up for a fight over those riders to protect their environmental interests. Read all about it in Brian’s story, Conservationists Target Clean Spending Bill Despite Riders.