Electronic Discovery Practice Under the Federal Rules, 2016 Edition

This reference fully outlines the rules related to electronically stored information, helping practitioners apply them to maximize effectiveness in civil litigation. It discusses topics such as duty to preserve, reasonable accessibility, cost shifting, and sanctions for spoliation. 

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The 2016 Edition of Electronic Discovery Practice Under the Federal Rules provides an understanding of the 2015 amendments to the Federal Rules of Civil Procedure and offers practical suggestions and guidelines for their application, in addition to generally examining the discovery of electronically stored information (ESI) under the Rules.

Electronic Discovery Practice Under the Federal Rules discusses each of the subject areas in which the Rules address electronic discovery, including the early meeting of counsel and initial pretrial conference; the two-tiered production of ESI; the form of production in response to document requests and interrogatories; assertions of privilege and work product; and sanctions.

The 2015 amendments to the Rules discussed include changes to Rules 1, 16, 26, 34 and 37, and the appendix of Forms, and cover:

  • Cooperation among the parties
  • Initial discussions of ESI
  • Extent of production
  • Scope and form of production
  • Sanctions

The 2015 amendments were designed to promote greater cooperation, proportionality, and judicial oversight of parties’ ESI discovery efforts. Electronic Discovery Practice Under the Federal Rules is intended to enhance user familiarity with the Rules and help practitioners to utilize the rules as advantageously as possible.


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Amy Jane Longo is Trial Counsel at the U.S. Securities & Exchange Commission and an Adjunct Professor at Pepperdine Law School. (Ms. Longo contributed to this publication in her personal capacity and the views expressed are her own and do not necessarily represent the views of the SEC or the United States Government.)
Usama Kahf, Esq., is an Associate at Fisher & Phillips LLP in Irvine, CA, and is a member of the firm’s Electronic Discovery Committee.
Allan D. Johnson is a Senior Attorney in the Law Department at Southern California Edison Company in Rosemead, CA.


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