Environmental & Safety Practice Center

The Environmental & Safety Practice Center provides a comprehensive toolkit for environmental law practitioners, including a range of primary sources, secondary analysis, news and practice tools. Access the Environmental & Safety Practice Center from the Browse All Content menu, and selecting Practice Area, and choosing Environmental & Safety.

How to Use the Practice Center

The Practice Center is organized by tabs on the left-hand side: BNA Analysis; BNA Portfolios; News & Law Reports; Laws, Regulations & Agreements; Agency/Guidance Documents; Opinions & Dockets; Books & Treatises; and Law Reviews and Journals.  You can use each of the tabs on the left-hand side to easily navigate to all the resources relevant to your practice needs.


The right-hand side of the Practice Center provides quick access to current awareness resources such as Daily Environment Report® and Bloomberg Law Insights. The grey Manage Email Notifications banner allows you to subscribe to environmental and safety Bloomberg BNA Law Reports, cases, EPA guidance materials and more.


The bottom half of the Practice Center allows you to search multiple environmental and safety sources at one time and save regularly used resources as your favorites.

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BNA Analysis

BNA Analysis allows users to easily navigate to proprietary Bloomberg BNA Guides, Navigators, and Country Profiles. 

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BNA Portfolios

Get current, practical guidance on environmental and safety issues with Bloomberg BNA’s trusted Portfolios. 

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News & Law Reports

Stay current, with up-to-the-minute, comprehensive environmental and safety news with Bloomberg BNA Law Reports, Monitors, Alerts, and Bloomberg Newswires. 

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Laws, Regulations & Agreements

Quickly access laws, regulations, and international agreements pertaining to environmental law, hazmat transport, workplace safety, and chemical controls.

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Agency/Guidance Documents

Immediately retrieve environmental and safety agency guidance and documents.

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Opinions & Dockets

Get direct access to environmental and safety court opinions, dockets, alerts and BNA Classification Outlines.

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Books & Treatises 

Obtain detailed analysis of complex issues with access to books and treatises in environment, energy, land use, workplace safety, construction, and more.

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Law Reviews & Journals

Research academic articles on environmental and safety legal issues. 

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