What Environmental News to Watch the Week of Oct. 3

vice president debate preparation

Here’s a list of some top stories, events and other environmental controversies to watch for this week.

EU May Push Paris Climate Change Agreement Over Finish Line

Environment ministers representing 28 European nations have agreed to drop normal procedures and let the bloc ratify the Paris Agreement as a whole even before all individual EU countries have fully signed off.  And that could be official as early as Wednesday. Stephen Gardner will cover the story.

Nations Consider Market Approach to Curb Aviation Emissions

In Montreal this week, representatives of nearly 200 countries could finalize an agreement to set emissions caps for international air travel.  Talks at the UN’s International Civil Aviation Organization are scheduled to wrap up on Friday.  Peter Menyasz is reporting.

EPA Clean Power Plan Arguments Postmortem

The Bipartisan Policy Center holds a discussion Tuesday for legal experts to hash out last week’s arguments presented to the D.C. Circuit over challenges to the Clean Power Plan and give insights about where the judges may stand. Andrew Childers will be there.

GOP Senators Battle to Decide Majority, Direction on Climate

Five Republican Senate races are likely to decide which party controls the chamber. Where do environmental issues play in these races?  Dean Scott has a special report coming.

States Pushing EPA on Catalytic Converters

Several states, with the backing of emissions controls manufacturers, are pushing the EPA to update its policy on aftermarket catalytic converters. Patrick Ambrosio will have a story on why states view these pollution control devices as an important factor in their efforts to meet the 2015 ozone standards, why industry would prefer an updated federal policy and what the EPA is going to do about it.

We're Talking More Than Just Meatless Mondays. 

A shareholder proposal is asking Tyson Food to consider using plant-based protein in its foods.  And a new investor campaign is targeting General Mills, Tesco PLC and Wal-Mart Stores Inc. and about a dozen other companies to do the same as food-related greenhouse gases grow. Andrea Vittorio takes a deep dive into the story.

Clean Power Plan Action Continues

Will arguments over the EPA’s Clean Power Plan influence upcoming litigation over new power plant standards? Andrew Childers is looking into it.

Sustainable Business Practices Are Part of the Business

Corporations around the world are stepping up their game with sustainable business practices, and leaders explain how Tuesday and Wednesday at the 2nd Annual Bloomberg Sustainable Business Summit.  Andrea Vittorio is reporting.

2016 VP Debate Is One to Watch  

Donald Trump’s running mate Gov. Mike Pence of Indiana squares off in a 90-minute debate Tuesday night with Democratic challenger Sen. Tim Kaine from Virginia, Hillary Clinton’s vice presidential pick.  Rachel Leven will listen for mentions of climate change in their arguments and anything else related to it.  

Curbing Use of Hydrofluorocarbons

Nations are gathering next week in Rwanda to consider adopting an amendment to the Montreal Protocol that would curb global use hydrofluorocarbons, which can be thousands of times more potent than carbon dioxide. We will be watching.