What Environmental News to Watch the Week of Oct. 7

board of elections

Here are some top stories, events and other environmental controversies to watch for this week.

Election Day Is Here … Finally. Bloomberg BNA will be all over the elections tomorrow. Watch out for our coverage of the race for the White House, key congressional challenges and environment and energy ballot measures Tuesday and throughout the week. Reporters Rachel Leven, Renee Schoof, Dean Scott and several others will be sorting through vote counts so you don’t have to.

Elections Bleed Into Morocco Climate Summit. Expect negotiators from nearly 200 nations to be holding their breath when the two-week UN climate change summit opens in Morocco today. They’ll be watching to see if Hillary Clinton wins tomorrow, which would mean staying on course with President Obama’s climate agenda. Donald Trump essentially has called for pulling the rug out from under the 2015 Paris climate pact. Dean Scott will have the news.

Who Will Run EPA Under Clinton or Trump Presidency? California air policy chief Mary Nichols, former Connecticut environmental commissioner Dan Esty and Senate Democratic hopeful Katie McGinty top the short list for EPA administrator under a potential Clinton administration. Experts are more flummoxed about a potential Trump administration in light of his calls to dismantle the agency. Brian Dabbs will have a story this week.

Less Than Half of States Likely to Meet Ozone Standards. Patrick Ambrosio has a special report out on Tuesday finding that parts of at least 22 states, out of a survey of all 50, are unlikely to meet the 70 parts per billion ozone standards set by the EPA in 2015.

Brine Spills Worse Than Oil Spills? Spills of brine from oil production operations can cause more trouble than oil spills. North Dakota lawmakers and regulators and the oil and gas companies operating in the Bakken Shale are wrestling with the problem. Alan Kovski has a special report coming.

Comments on EPA’s Clean Energy Incentive Program. More than 400 comments were filed from state environmental agencies, energy associations and environmental groups in response to the EPA’s Clean Energy Incentive Program--a voluntary program that would provide additional emissions allowances or emission rate credits to states for eligible clean energy projects to assist in meeting emissions targets as part of the Clean Power Plan. Andrew Childers and Rebecca Kern are sifting through the responses for a story out Tuesday.

NuScale Power Sees U.S. Small Modular Reactor Market. Others Don’t. NuScale Power LLC is working to build the first small modular nuclear reactor in the U.S., even though other nuclear companies and analysts don't see a market for it. NuScale remains optimistic that their technology will be smaller, faster and cheaper to build that large-scale reactors and will hit the U.S. market in 2024-2025, according to a special report from Rebecca Kern.