What Environmental News to Watch the Week of Nov. 14

North Dakota fracking

Here are some top stories, events and other environmental controversies to watch for this week.

EPA Regulation Involving Amended TSCA Under Review. The White House Office of Management and Budget is reviewing the second of four regulations involving the amended TSCA. This one is a proposed rule that shows how the agency would evaluate health and environmental risks of chemicals. Pat Rizzuto is covering.

What’s the Talk at the UN Climate Summit? It’s too early to know what President-elect Donald Trump may do with the U.S.’s involvement in the landmark Paris Agreement, but attendees at the UN climate summit in Morocco say they hope the new Republican president will decide against a U.S. withdrawal because that could harm relationships overseas. Dean Scott is reporting this week from the international summit in Marrakech.    

Australia Joins Other Nations in Paris Climate Agreement. Australia ratifies the Paris climate deal and describes the pact as a turning point for the country’s goal of a low-emission future. Murray Griffin has a story coming.   

Brine Spills Trouble Oil-Rich North Dakota. Brine, the water that comes to the surface with crude oil and is then separated and hauled away, can ruin soil chemistry and alter groundwater when spilled. And it’s a challenge North Dakota is facing. Alan Kovski has a special report.

Duke Energy to Cap Some Coal Ash Impoundments. Duke Energy has announced plans to permanently shutter on-site coal ash impoundments at six of its facilities in North Carolina. Andrew Ballard is reporting.

Environmental Groups Launch Offshore Fracking Lawsuit. Environmental groups argue in a lawsuit that the Interior Department didn’t consider threats to endangered species when the agency evaluated the impact of continued hydraulic fracturing along the California coast. Carolyn Whetzel has the story.

The Fight Over Energy Tax Credit Extensions. There’s a battle underway between small energy associations and conservative tax groups about energy tax credit extensions, which include small wind turbines, fuel cell technologies, geothermal energy pumps and combined heat and power systems. Rebecca Kern is looking into it.

Congressional Committee Elections Happening This Week. The House and Senate hold leadership elections Tuesday and Wednesday, respectively. Rachel Leven and Brian Dabbs look at what that means for environment and energy policy.

Making Safe Choices About Products to Buy. The EPA is considering ways to improve its Safer Choice chemicals program at a summit Tuesday and Wednesday in Washington, D.C., with cleaning product and chemical manufacturers and environmental advocates. The program is designed to help consumers and businesses locate products that are safe for their health and the environment. Pat Rizzuto is on it.      

China and Post-Paris Environmental Action. So what exactly is China doing to take on climate change and implement environmental regulations? The Environmental and Energy Study Institute and International Fund for China's Environment discuss Wednesday. Rachel Leven is attending.