What Environmental News to Watch the Week of Feb. 13

California condor

Here’s a list of some top stories, events and other environmental controversies to watch this week.

GOP speeds ahead to put brakes on Obama-era rules. The Republican-controlled Congress is voting to nullify some rules issued near the end of President Barack Obama’s term, with three energy and environment-related rules and more to come—a move possible under a rarely used 1996 law known as the Congressional Review Act. Dean Scott has the story.

DOE loan program is the focus here. The Energy Department’s loan guarantee program comes into the spotlight Wednesday at 10 a.m. during a House joint energy and oversight subcommittee hearing with representatives testifying from the Heritage Foundation and Cato Institute. Brian Dabbs is reporting.

We’re talking animals and ecosystems. The Endangered Species Act is the topic of a hearing Wednesday before the Senate Environment and Public Works Committee, which is expected to hash out ways to update it. Alan Kovski is on it.

Confirmation coming soon. Scott Pruitt’s confirmation for EPA administrator is tentatively set for Wednesday. Brian Dabbs is watching.   

States pushing toxic laws despite federal limits. Sixteen states have introduced laws requiring the disclosure of chemicals in hydraulic fracturing fluids, cosmetics and other products, and more states are expected to follow. Pat Rizzuto has the story.  

TSCA overhaul take shape. Companies, environmental organizations and other parties meet with EPA staff Tuesday to discuss risk evaluations for 10 chemicals, and they weigh in on the uses, health concerns, populations and other factors they want the agency to consider. Pat Rizzuto is covering.

Looking at new attorney general. How will newly confirmed Attorney General Jeff Sessions handle three major agricultural mergers seeking approval from the Justice Department? Tiffany Stecker has the story.

Modernizing environmental laws. Infrastructure, development and manufacturing challenges as they relate to environmental laws are the topics of a hearing Thursday before the House Energy and Commerce Committee. Sylvia Carignan is reporting.

The latest on Flint. Michigan announces plans to stop subsidies to Flint residents for their water bills after the outcome from testing the city’s water quality shows results below federal action. Stephen Joyce has the story.

Delay sought in court over species regulation. The federal government is asking an Alabama court for more time to review a lawsuit over revised Endangered Species Act rules issued in February 2016. Alan Kovski is covering.