What Environmental News to Watch the Week of Jan. 9

electric power lines Niagara falls

Here’s a list of some top stories, events and other environmental controversies to watch for this week.

EPA methane rule targeted by House Republicans. House Republicans are using the Congressional Review Act to target the EPA’s methane emissions standards for new, modified and reconstructed oil and gas wells. Rachel Leven is reporting.

Moniz on the move. Energy Secretary Ernest Moniz has a busy agenda during his second to last week in office. He speaks at a luncheon at the Wilson Center tomorrow and then gives an exit address at the National Press Club on Wednesday. He’ll also be attending a NuScale Power event on Thursday. Rebecca Kern is covering.

Obama writes article for Science magazine on climate. President Obama wrote in an article for Science that President-elect Donald Trump shouldn’t back out of the Paris climate deal because it would sacrifice the only leverage the U.S. has to ensure China and other nations make good on their commitments to address climate change. Dean Scott has the story.

U.S., Mexico Sign Agreement on Electric Reliability. Energy secretaries from the U.S. and Mexico have signed a bilateral agreement to ensure the reliability of the interconnected electricity grid between the two countries. Rebecca Kern is working on the story.

Pollution and the effect on marine life. What additional research is needed to understand the adverse impacts of plastic pollution on fish and other marine life? Amena Saiyid is digging into the issue.

Germany sued to curb agriculture ammonia emissions. Germany is under increased pressure to revise its pollutant-heavy agriculture sector after a lawsuit by environmental nonprofit Deutsche Umwelthilfe. Jabeen Bhatti has the story from Berlin.

What’s on tap for the Texas Pipeline Association this year? The Texas Pipeline Association is facing challenges between landowners and eminent domain. Nushin Huq has an interview coming with the group’s president.

NuScale Power to release reactor plans. NuScale Power plans to submit its design certification application for a first-of-a-kind small modular reactor at the Nuclear Regulatory Commission on Thursday. Rebecca Kern is reporting.

Projected climate conditions and road safety. Federal highway officials have developed new methods to help highway engineers use projections of climate conditions rather than historical data to improve the resilience of the nation's roads and highways. Amy Phillips is covering.

Ivory ban enforcement in China critical to stopping trade. It could take years for China's ban on ivory sales and manufacturing to have an effect, and enforcement will be crucial. Michael Standaert has the story.