EPA Conducting Civil Rights Investigation on Flint Water

The EPA is conducting a civil rights investigation into a Flint, Mich., water-related complaint, Bloomberg BNA has learned.

The agency didn’t delineate further details about the complaint.

However, the city of 100,000 has been reeling from lead contamination in its water supply after a state-appointed emergency manager approved an April 2014 water supply switch to the Flint River from the water supply for Detroit.

The city, state and federal government have been working to clean up the water supply for at least a year, but the EPA still recommends Flint residents use filters for their water.

Flint Water plant2

The EPA has come under pressure to investigate the Flint water crisis under Title VI of the Civil Rights Act, which prohibits entities that receive federal funding from discriminating or having a discriminatory impact based on race, color or national origin. The U.S. Commission on Civil Rights and other critics claim the EPA’s Title VI program has been lax in its enforcement of civil rights law.

The EPA previously confirmed to Bloomberg BNA that it had received two water-related, Flint-centered complaints, and that it was considering whether to accept the complaints for investigation.

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