EPA to Define ‘Unreasonable Risk’ for Chemicals Under Amended Toxics Law

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When the EPA writes new chemical rules under the amended toxics law, it will need to apply conventional agency risk assessment norms or have to explain why it’s not doing so, former EPA officials told Bloomberg BNA editor/reporter Steve Gibb.  

Under the law, the agency must define what “unreasonable risk” means for chemicals as it crafts a risk evaluation rule to be finalized in June 2017.

The EPA usually takes action on chemicals with risks ranging between 1 in 10,000 excess cancer cases to 1 in 1 million excess cases.

“They’d have to explain why they’re moving out of that range if they did anything different,” former EPA toxics chief Jim Aidala told Gibb.

Gibb dug into the news for his story Risk Limits Under New Toxics Law May Continue Past Practice.