EPA to Release List of Pruitt’s Top Superfund Sites

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By Sylvia Carignan

This is a developing story. Check back for updates.

The EPA will release its list of top-priority Superfund sites Dec. 8, according to a senior adviser to Administrator Scott Pruitt.

The list, as proposed by the Environmental Protection Agency in June, will show which Superfund sites need “immediate and intense attention,” potentially accelerating cleanup progress and agency decisions at those sites.

The parameters of Pruitt’s priority list have slightly changed since it was first proposed in the agency’s Superfund task force recommendations, Albert Kelly, Pruitt’s senior adviser on Superfund issues, told Bloomberg Environment.

The list that was initially proposed would have 10 sites, and would be known as the “Top Ten Administrator’s Emphasis List.”

Kelly said the list to be released Dec. 8 has a different name, and may not have exactly 10 sites, as proposed. He declined to provide further details ahead of the EPA’s official announcement.

More than 1,300 sites are on the EPA’s National Priorities List. Those sites are also known as Superfund sites, and are the most contaminated in the country.

The EPA does not automatically assign the most resources to the most contaminated sites. Each region’s sites compete with each other for resources and must be reviewed by a national panel of EPA staff.

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