EPA Took Nine Months to Answer E-Mails Sent to Inbox for Civil Rights Concerns

For more than a year, e-mails directed to the EPA from residents concerned about environmental discrimination sat unread.  And now it turns out the agency didn’t respond to those e-mails for another nine months, Rachel Leven reports.

The e-mails included concerns about alleged diesel spills, assistance with water involving a handicapped child and a burnt scalp injury. These are some of the 149 messages sent to the inbox from June 2014 to July 2015, the time period in question. Of those, 29 had discrimination-related concerns.

EPA email graphic

The agency had created this inbox specifically to handle civil rights concerns and has five days to acknowledge receipt of a message, according to its regulations implementing Title VI of the Civil Rights Act, Rachel reported.

Her story Permits, Flint, Burnt Scalp Among E-Mail Complaints EPA Neglected follows EPA Didn't Check Environmental Racism Complaint E-Mail for One Year, her story that first broke the news about the neglected inbox and is available for subscribers.