EPA's Scott Pruitt Gets Hero’s Welcome at Farm Conference

New EPA Administrator Scott Pruitt was ebullient as he addressed a ballroom full of farmers yesterday just moments after launching the process to repeal an Obama-era water regulation.

Pruitt came to an American Farm Bureau Federation convention in Maryland directly from the White House, where President Donald Trump had just signed an executive order instructing federal agencies to begin the process of rescinding the so-called Waters of the United States, or WOTUS, rule.

“Relief is on the way,” Pruitt told attendees at the American Farm Bureau Federation convention, as they applauded in one of the three standing ovations for the Environmental Protection Agency chief.

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However, launching the repeal process will likely be much easier than actually repealing WOTUS, a rule that defines which bodies of water are governed by the Clean Water Act. Going through the administrative procedure that will be necessary to alter the rule could take years and will almost certainly be challenged in court. Additionally, Pruitt is now facing down a mini-scandal over the use of a personal email account, which he refused to discuss with Bloomberg BNA after speaking to the farmers.

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