EU Launches Coalition to Boost Digital Skills in Workplace


The European Commission has launched a coalition to tackle the challenges of digital illiteracy. 

The Digital Skills and Jobs Coalition is aimed at boosting digital skills, which range from finding information online to sending online messages to coding applications, in order to expand the European Union’s digital talent pool.

Digital skills are needed at all levels in the workplace, yet more than one third of the EU’s labor force is digitally illiterate, according to the coalition’s Members Charter.

Under the charter, members of the coalition must take action to: 

  • educate and train young people for digital jobs;

  • offer workers opportunities to upgrade their digital skills; and

  • raise awareness of the benefits of learning digital skills and using digital technologies.

The commission asked member states to create national digital skills strategies by mid-2017.  Such strategies are to include concrete measures to incorporate digital skills into education and training.

“Digital advances are changing the structure and nature of employment as we know it today,” European Digital Market Vice President Andrus Ansip said in a statement.  “Europe’s workforce needs these skills to match and to keep up with these changes.”

The commission invited private and public organizations, including EU member states and neighboring countries, to become members of the coalition.