Europe-based International Organization Rolls Out Guide on Big Data as EU Continues Push Towards Digital Single Market


The Committee of the Council of Europe’s Data Protection Convention (Convention 108) adopted Guidelines on Big Data to help policymakers limit the risks to data subjects’ rights.

Convention 108’s guidance contained measures that controllers and processors “should take to prevent the potential negative impact of the use of Big Data on human dignity, human rights, and fundamental individual and collective freedoms, in particular with regard to personal data protection.”

The document provides guidance and principles that cover the ethical use of data, adoption of preventative policies, purpose limitation and transparency, privacy by design and anonymization.

As of today, 50 states have ratified the Data Protection Convention. This includes the 47 Council of Europe member states (including the 28 EU member states), Uruguay, Senegal and Mauritius.

Big data rules and guidelines will only become more important as the EU continues to roll out its digital single market strategy (DSMS), with the European Commission recently releasing the final policy and legal proposals, which includes two new EU regulations. 

Big data will inevitably play a larger and larger role in the EU economy as the DSMS starts breaking down cross-border barriers and the EU can begin applying data to improving industries such as transportation, health and manufacturing.

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