Everything You Wanted to Know About the New EU Privacy Reg


Companies are worried about exactly what the coming European Union General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) means and whether they are worrying enough. Not to worry, Bloomberg Law has compiled the go-to definitive guide to the GDPR from its formal introduction in 2012 to the agreement on the final text of the regulation in December 2015.

The GDPR is set to replace the over 20-year-old EU Data Protection Directive to provide a more harmonized approach to privacy rules and enforcement in the 28 EU member states. It will regulate commercial data processing in the EU and will, among other things, place more obligations on data controllers, strengthen enforcement with potentially heavy fines, impose EU rules on the processing of the data of EU citizens, wherever that processing takes place, and introduce new rights for data subjects.

A recent Bloomberg Law Privacy Outlook event also included discussion of the GDPR, including data subject consent issues.

Meanwhile, Bloomberg Law Privacy & Data Security has added a GDPR tool to help users manage GDPR compliance with confidence. This unique resource provides deep analysis and research on legislative history, implementation milestones, trends in regulatory scrutiny and all issued guidance and decisions. It also includes links to relevant news and editorial content.

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