Join Bloomberg Law’s® Daily Labor Report® news team at the Littler Executive Employer Conference as they interview panelists about a broad spectrum of employment and labor topics addressing significant developments, emerging trends, and challenges facing in-house counsel, employee relations professionals, and human resources executives. 

As the premier resource for authoritative, analytical coverage of top labor and employment news, Bloomberg Law, will dig into significant developments and trends impacting the workplace.

Experts on the panels are at the forefront of such topics as:

  • balancing LGBTQ issues
  • conducting lawful investigations in the wake of #MeToo
  • accommodating service animals within the workplace

At the conference? Stop by and see what’s happening at the Bloomberg Law News Desk, located in the conference hall.

Not able to attend? Follow the conversation on Twitter at #2018Employer 

Videos will be posted to the playlist below as they become available at the conference. To view the full list of interviews, simply click the menu bar in the upper-left corner of the media player.