Tax and Immigration Planning and Compliance for High Net Worth Individuals Acquiring U.S. Citizenship, Green Cards and Expatriating - New York, NY

New York, NY
June 12, 2017

Price: $795


June 12, 2017


AMA Conference Center
1601 Broadway (at 48th and Broadway)
8th Floor
New York, NY 10019

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Belvedere Hotel
319 West 48th Street
New York, NY 10036
(212) 245-7000

Crowne Plaza Manhattan
1605 Broadway
New York, NY 10019
(212) 977-4000



This one-day, introductory-level course with live group instruction will provide insight as to how the tax and immigration rules can be coordinated from a planning perspective and how to remediate both immigration and tax omissions.

Learn the answers to these important questions:

  • What are the pros and cons of different immigration visa categories?
  • Is my client an accidental U.S. citizen?
  • How do the immigration and tax rules correlate?
  • What is the difference if I am a U.S. resident under the “substantial presence” test or the “green card” test?
  • What do I do if I left the United States but did not turn in my green card?
  • What are the U.S. expatriation rules and how do they apply?
  • I am a noncompliant U.S. taxpayer; how do I voluntarily comply?
  • And more!

All paid attendees will receive their choice of the following Bloomberg BNA Portfolios:
U.S. Income Taxation of Nonresident Alien Individuals (Portfolio 907)
Immigration and Expatriation Law for the Estate Planner (Portfolio 806)

*One Portfolio per paid attendee. Quantities are limited.


7:30am  Registration and Continental Breakfast

8:15am  Welcome and Introduction

8:30am  Immigration Aspects of Citizenship, Green Cards and Expatriation

o US Immigration Planning for High Net Worth Clients
  • Non-Immigrant Visas
  • Immigrant Visas (“Green Cards”)
  • Planning

o US Citizenship
  • How Acquired
  • Accidental US Citizens
  • How to Terminate (what to consider besides taxes)
  • Planning

o Green Cards and the “Exit Tax”
  • How to Terminate
  • Four Immigration Options to Avoid “Exit Tax”
    o Fold
    o Hold
    o Downgrade
    o Upgrade

10:00 am  Refreshment Break

10:20  U.S. Taxation
o Taxation of US Citizens
  • US Income, Estate and Gift Taxation
  • Worldwide
  • Information Reporting

o Who is a US Tax Resident and Taxation
  • Definitions
  • Different Tests
    o Income Taxation
    o Estate and Gift Taxation
  • Income Taxation: Two Tests
  • Lawful Permanent Resident (“Green Card”)
    o Substantial Presence
    o Consequences of US Resident Income Taxation
    o Worldwide Taxation
    o Expatriation Provision applicable to long term resident

o Who is a Non-Resident Alien
  • Definition
  • Tax Regime
    o Income Tax
    o Estate and Gift Tax

o Who is a Resident under the Treaty Tie-Breaker Rules
  • What are these rules
  • Aliens Impacted
  • Application
  • Compliance

12:00 pm  Lunch

12:45 pm  Expatriation

o Who does it Cover
  • US Citizens
  • Long Term Residents
  • Historic Rules
  • Current Rules
    o Covered Expatriate
    o Exceptions
  • Income Tax Consequences
  • Estate and Gift Tax Consequences
  • Compliance
  • Planning
  • Special Problems
    o Non-Compliant
    o Certificate of Loss of Nationality

2:00 pm  U.S. Tax Compliance

o Compliance
  • Obligations of US Citizen and US Resident
  • Consequences of Non-Compliance
    o Income Tax
    o Expatriation
    o US Estate and Gift Tax
  • IRS Voluntary Compliance Initiatives
    o History
    o Current
    o OVDP
    o Streamlined Programs (Foreign and US)
    o Alternatives
    o Willfulness
    o Delinquent FBAR and International
    o Information Returns
    o What to do
    o How long will programs last

3:30 pm  Refreshment Break

3:45 pm  How US Government Obtains Information about Non-Compliant US Taxpayers
o Treaties
o Tax Information Exchange Agreements
o Whistleblowers
o John Doe Summons
o Informal Exchanges
o Future: Common Reporting Standard

4:30 pm Wrap up and Q&A
o Wrap up of Issues
o Where we are
o Planning
o Way forward



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Continental breakfasts, lunches, refreshment breaks, Bloomberg BNA Portfolio, and course materials in electronic format.