Fairweather's Practice and Procedure in Labor Arbitration, Fourth Edition

This landmark reference for parties, representatives, and decision-makers covers all aspects of labor arbitration. It highlights representative rulings and opinions to help practitioners solve practical and procedural problems.

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Meet The Author

Ray J. Schoonhoven
Editor (deceased)


For more than two decades, this volume has helped parties, representatives, and decisionmakers understand how arbitrators solve the practical and procedural problems they encounter.



  • Source of Law in Labor Arbitration
  • Submission of a Case to Arbitration
  • Suits to Compel or to Stay Arbitration
  • Selection of the Arbitrator or the Board
  • Arbitrability Challenges Before the Arbitrator
  • Obtaining the Evidence
  • The Hearing
  • The Witnesses
  • Contract Interpretation
  • The Burden of Proof
  • Arbitral Standards of Review of Management Decisions
  • Rules of Evidence
  • Due Process Considerations
  • Polygraphy in Labor Arbitration
  • Remedies
  • Posthearing Procedures
  • The Award
  • Vacation, Enforcement, or Correction
  • Arbitration and the Enforcement of Statutory Rights
  • Fair Representation Obligations
  • Arbitration in the Noncollective Bargaining Setting
  • Table of Awards/Table of Cases/Index


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Ray J. Schoonhoven was a partner in Seyfarth Shaw, Chicago, IL, where he specialized in employment law and labor relations.


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