Fear and Hacking in Las Vegas


Las Vegas is famous for its casinos, nightlife and the uncanny ability to keep secrets—what happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas. Fittingly, a group of professionals in the business of keeping information secure and protected will soon descend on Sin City.

The annual Black Hat USA conference will return to Las Vegas for the 19th year and will be held from July 30 through Aug. 4 at the Mandalay Bay Resort and Casino. The conference will include training sessions, briefings, meetings and demonstrations. During last year’s Black Hat conference, two hackers demonstrated the now-famous e-hijacking of a Jeep Cherokee

According to its website, the Black Hat conference seeks to provide security professionals a forum to learn, share and discuss “the very latest in information security risks.” Given that the ever-increasing connectivity is only broadening the target for hackers, it is important for information security professionals to keep up with the threats. 

These professionals deal with extremely technical, painstakingly detailed problems. I mean, just look at this title of one of the briefing sessions: “Augmenting Static Analysis Using Pintool: Ablation.” I don’t even have an educated guess as to what that means.

Following the conference in Las Vegas, Black Hat Europe 2016 will be held in November in London.

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