February 2017

New Alternative Entities Practice Page and Accompanying Practical Guidance

There is a new  Alternative Entities Practice Page on the Corporate Practice Center on Bloomberg Law. The new Practice Page contains laws & regulations, reference materials, practice tools, and drafting guidance on alternative entities. The page includes information on unincorporated forms of business such as Limited Liability Companies and Limited Partnerships, as well as alternative corporate forms, such as Nonstock Corporations and Benefit Corporations, among others. These different forms of business are important because they can provide flexibility in governance structures, business purpose, and in sophisticated business transactions. When deciding on a choice of entity, clients can use our practice page and accompanying practical guidance to weigh the pros and cons of each entity type and to ensure the requirements for formation, operating agreements, transfer of interests, dissolution, and more, are met.

The new suite of practical guidance covering alternative entities is accessible via the Practical Guidance tab on the Corporate Practice Center. The suite is comprised of overviews, annotated forms, checklists and comparison surveys covering:

  • Choosing the Form of Entity
  • Entity Formation
  • Amending & Restating a Certificate of Formation
  • Partnership & LLC Operating Agreements
  • Bylaws
  • Member & Manager Meetings
  • Status & Reorganization Actions
  • Assignments/Transfer of Intent
  • Dissolution & Winding Up


Whats New Feb 17
New In Focus: Financial Regulatory Watch Content Added

A new  In Focus: Financial Regulatory Watch page has been added to the Banking & Finance Practice Center. News, proposed regulations, and proposed legislation affecting banking and securities regulation will be gathered in one place for easy access to the latest developments.

Swaps Reporting & Recordkeeping Requirements Charts Added

Reporting and recordkeeping requirements applicable to swaps dealers and major swaps participants, along with a glossary of acronyms and terms, have been added to the Securities Practice Center.
Swaps Reporting
Swaps Recordkeeping

Bloomberg BNA Portfolios

The following portfolios are now available on Bloomberg Law:

New from Bloomberg BNA Books

New  supplement to European Patent Practice for U.S. Attorneys.  The 2016 Supplement adds the following four new chapters and a new appendix, as well as updates to the main volume discussions: 

  • Chapter 14: National Validation, the process by which an applicant receiving a granted European Patent registers that patent right with the at least some of the national patent offices of the contracting states, extension states and validation states, to secure in those states a national patent that can be enforced by the respective national courts
  • Chapter 15: Text for Grant, addressing whether one translation of the granted patent has greater legal significance than the other translations; whether the arguments and communications between the applicant and the EPO are part of the record used when determining the scope of the protection conferred by the patent; and related questions for U.S. practitioners when considering the effect of rulings of the Boards of Appeal and decisions from the Opposition Division
  • Chapter 16: Selecting and Maintaining Countries for Validation, which informs readers about when and where to validate the granted European patent as a national patent in a contracting state of the EPC or of an extension state, which is a state that has extended protection of the European patent right in that respective state
  • Chapter 17: The Unitary Patent and the Unified Patent Court, discussing a group of agreements that streamline the process for validating and enforcing European patents, which are expected to take effect during the latter part of 2017.
  • Appendix B:  Summary Chart of U.S. Patent Statute and Rules Compared With Corresponding Rules of Procedure of the Unified Patent Court.