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Business Entities: C Corporations

The Attribution Rules (Portfolio 554)
Boot Distributions and Assumption of Liabilities (Portfolio 782)

Collapsible Corporations (Portfolio 793)

Corporate Acquisitions - A), B), and C) Reorganizations (Portfolio 771)

Corporate Acquisitions - D Reorganizations (Portfolio 772)

Corporate Bankruptcy (Portfolio 790)

Corporate Liquidations (Portfolio 784)

Corporate Overview (Portfolio 750)

Corporate Separations (Portfolio 776)

Dividends - Cash and Property (Portfolio 764)

Earnings and Profits (Portfolio 762)

Redemptions (Portfolio 767)

Single Entity Reorganizations: Recapitalizations and F Reorganizations (Portfolio 774)

Small Business Corporation Stock: Special Tax Incentives (Portfolio 760)

Stock Purchases Treated as Asset Acquisitions - Section 338 (Portfolio 788)

Stock Rights and Stock Dividends - Sections 305 and 306 (Portfolio 765)

Stock Sales Subject to Section 304 (Portfolio 768)

Structuring Corporate Acquisitions - Tax Aspects (Portfolio 770)

Transfers to Controlled Corporations: General (Portfolio 758)

Transfers to Controlled Corporations: Related Problems (Portfolio 759)

Business Entities: Corporate Returns and Computation of Tax

Accumulated Earnings Tax (Portfolio 796)
Charitable Contributions By Corporations (Portfolio 794)

Computation of Consolidated Tax Liability (Portfolio 756)

Consolidated Returns - Elections and Filing (Portfolio 754)

Consolidated Returns - Investment Subsidiaries (Portfolio 755)

Consolidated Returns - Limitations on Losses (Portfolio 757)

Corporate Alternative Minimum Tax (Portfolio 752)

Net Operating Losses and Other Tax Attributes - Sections 381, 382, 383, 384, and 269 (Portfolio 780)

Personal Holding Companies (Portfolio 797)

State Taxation of Mergers and Acquisitions (Portfolio 783)

Tax Shelters (Portfolio 798)

Business Entities: Partnerships

Audit Procedures for Pass-Through Entities (Portfolio 624)
Choice of Entity (Portfolio 700)

Family Limited Partnerships and Limited Liability Companies (Portfolio 722)

Partnership Transactions - Section 751 Property (Portfolio 720)

Partnerships - Allocation of Liabilities; Basis Rules (Portfolio 714)

Partnership Distributions; Death or Retirement of a Partner (Portfolio 716)

Partnerships - Disposition of Partnership Interests or Partnership Business; Partnership Termination (Portfolio 718)

Partnerships - Formation and Contributions of Property or Services (Portfolio 711)

Partnerships - Taxable Income; Allocation of Distributive Shares; Capital Accounts (Portfolio 712)

Partnerships-Conceptual Overview (Portfolio 710)

Business Entities: Other Pass-Through Entities

Disregarded Entities (Portfolio 704)
Hedge Funds (Portfolio 736)

Limited Liability Companies (Portfolio 725)

Private Equity Funds (Portfolio 735)

S Corporations: Formation and Termination (Portfolio 730)

S Corporations: Operations (Portfolio 731)

Taxation of Cooperatives and Their Patrons (Portfolio 744)

Taxation of Regulated Investment Companies (Portfolio 740)

Compensation Planning

Age, Sex and Disability Discrimination Employee Benefit Plans (Portfolio 363)
Cafeteria Plans (Portfolio 397)

Cash or Deferred Arrangements (Portfolio 358)

Church and Governmental Plans (Portfolio 372)

Compensating Employees with Insurance (Portfolio 386)

Deferred Compensation Arrangements (Portfolio 385)

Employee Benefits for Small and Mid-Sized Employers (Portfolio 353)

Employee Benefits for Tax-Exempt Organizations (Portfolio 373)

Employee Benefits for the Contingent Workforce (Portfolio 399)

Employee Fringe Benefits (Portfolio 394)

Employee Plans - Deductions, Contributions and Funding (Portfolio 371)

Employment Status - Employee v. Independent Contractor (Portfolio 391)

EPCRS - Plan Correction and Disqualification (Portfolio 375)

ERISA - Fiduciary Responsibility and Prohibited Transactions (Portfolio 365)

ERISA - Litigation, Procedure, Preemption and Other Title I Issues (Portfolio 374)

ESOPs (Portfolio 354)

Estate and Gift Tax Issues for Employee Benefit Plans (Portfolio 378)

Golden Parachutes (Portfolio 396)

International Pension Planning (Portfolio 320)

International Pension Planning - Puerto Rico (Portfolio 324)

IRAs (Portfolio 367)

Medical Plans - COBRA, HIPAA, HRAs, HSAs and Disability (Portfolio 389)

Multiemployer Plans - Special Rules (Portfolio 359)

Nondiscrimination Testing and Permitted Disparity Qualified Retirement Plans (Portfolio 356)

Nonstatutory Stock Options (Portfolio 383)
Pension Plan Terminations - Single Employer Plans (Portfolio 357)

Plan Qualification - Pension and Profit-Sharing Plans (Portfolio 351)

Plan Selection - Pension and Profit-Sharing Plans (Portfolio 350)

Qualified Plans - Investments (Portfolio 377)

Qualified Plans - IRS Determination Letter Procedures (Portfolio 360)

Qualified Plans - Taxation of Distributions (Portfolio 370)

Qualified Plans - Treatment Mergers, Acquisitions and Other Corporate Transactions (Portfolio 364)

Reasonable Compensation (Portfolio 390)

Reductions Force (Portfolio 398)

Reporting and Disclosure Under ERISA (Portfolio 361)

Restricted Property - Section 83 (Portfolio 384)

Securities Law Aspects of Employee Benefit Plans (Portfolio 362)

SEPs and SIMPLEs (Portfolio 368)

Specialized Qualified Plans - Cash Balance, Target, Age-Weighted and Hybrids (Portfolio 352)

State Taxation of Compensation and Benefits (Portfolio 366)

Statutory Stock Options (Portfolio 381)
Tax-Deferred Annuities - Section 403b) (Portfolio 388)

VEBAs and Other Self-Insured Arrangements (Portfolio 395)

Withholding, Social Security and Unemployment Taxes on Compensation (Portfolio 392)

Income, Deductions, Credits and Computation of Tax

Amortization of Intangibles (Portfolio 533)
Annuities, Life Insurance, and Long-Term Care Insurance Products (Portfolio 546)

At-Risk Rules (Portfolio 550)

C Corporations: The Attribution Rules (Portfolio 554)

Bad Debts (Portfolio 538)

Capital Assets (Portfolio 561)

Charitable Contributions: Income Tax Aspects (Portfolio 521)
Consolidated Returns - Limitations on Losses (Portfolio 757)

Deductibility of Illegal Payments, Fines, and Penalties (Portfolio 524)

Deductibility of Legal and Accounting Fees, Bribes and Illegal Payments (Portfolio 523)

Deduction Limitations: General (Portfolio 504)

Deductions: Overview and Conceptual Aspects (Portfolio 503)

Depreciation: General Concepts; Non-ACRS Rules (Portfolio 530)
Discharge of Indebtedness, Bankruptcy and Insolvency (Portfolio 540)

Divorce and Separation (Portfolio 515)

The Economic Substance Doctrine (Portfolio 508)

Entertainment, Meals, Gifts and Lodging - Deduction and Recordkeeping Requirements (Portfolio 520)

Equipment Lease Characterization (Portfolio 545)

Estimated Tax (Portfolio 581)

Farm and Ranch Expenses and Credits (Portfolio 607)

Federal Taxation of Software and E-Commerce (Portfolio 555)

Film Production: Basis Recovery and Federal Incentives (Portfolio 599)

Financial Instruments: Special Rules (Portfolio 186)

First-Year Expensing and Additional Depreciation

Gross Income: Overview and Conceptual Aspects (Portfolio 501)

Gross Income: Tax Benefit, Claim of Right and Assignment of Income (Portfolio 502)

Hobby Losses (Portfolio 548)

Home Office, Vacation Home, and Home Rental Deductions (Portfolio 547)

Income Tax Basis: Overview and Conceptual Aspects (Portfolio 560)

Income Tax Liability: Concepts and Calculation (Portfolio 507)

Interest Expense Deductions (Portfolio 536)

The Investment Credit and Cost Segregation (Portfolio 583)

Lobbying and Political Expenditures (Portfolio 613)

Loss Deductions (Portfolio 527)

The Mark-To-Market Rules of Section 475 (Portfolio 543)

Net Operating Losses - Concepts and Computations (Portfolio 539)

Net Operating Losses and Other Tax Attributes - Sections 381, 382, 383, 384, and 269 (Portfolio 780)

Noncorporate Alternative Minimum Tax (Portfolio 587)

Passive Loss Rules (Portfolio 549)

Real Estate Transactions by Tax-Exempt Entities (Portfolio 480)

Related Party Transactions (Portfolio 564)

Research and Development Expenditures (Portfolio 556)

Scholarships and Educational Expenses (Portfolio 517)

Section 199: Deduction Relating to Income Attributable to Domestic Production Activities (Portfolio 510)

Start-Up Expenditures (Portfolio 534)

State, Local, and Federal Taxes (Portfolio 525)

Tax Aspects of Franchising (Portfolio 559)

Tax Aspects of Restructuring Financially Troubled Businesses (Portfolio 541)

Tax Aspects of Settlements and Judgments (Portfolio 522)

Tax Credits: Concepts and Calculation (Portfolio 506)

Tax Incentives for Economically Distressed Areas (Portfolio 597)

Tax Planning for the Development and Licensing of Copyrights, Computer Software, Trademarks and Franchises (Portfolio 558)

Tax Planning for the Development and Licensing of Patents and Know-How (Portfolio 557)

Taxation of Equity Derivatives (Portfolio 188)

Time Value of Money: OID and Imputed Interest (Portfolio 535)

Trade Associations (Portfolio 614)

Trade or Business Expenses and For-Profit Activity Deductions (Portfolio 505)

Transactions Stock, Securities and Other Financial Instruments (Portfolio 184)
Travel and Transportation Expenses - Deduction and Recordkeeping Requirements (Portfolio 519)

Income Tax Accounting

Accounting for Long-Term Contracts (Portfolio 575)
Accounting Methods - Adoption and Changes (Portfolio 572)

Accounting Methods - General Principles (Portfolio 570)

Accounting Periods (Portfolio 574)

Inventories: General Principles; LIFO Method (Portfolio 578)

Reporting Farm Income (Portfolio 608)

Section 482 Allocations: General Principles the Code and Regulations (Portfolio 551)
Section 482 Allocations: Judicial Decisions and IRS Practice (Portfolio 553)

Section 482 Allocations: Specific Allocation Methods and Rules the Code and Regulations (Portfolio 552)

Uniform Capitalization Rules: Inventory; Self-Constructed Assets; Real Estate (Portfolio 576)

Uniform Capitalization Rules: Special Topics; Method Change Rules (Portfolio 577)

Natural Resources

Mineral Properties - Exploration, Acquisition, Development and Disposition (Portfolio 601)
Mineral Properties Other Than Gas and Oil - Operation (Portfolio 603)

Oil and Gas Transactions (Portfolio 605)

Timber Transactions (Portfolio 610)

Procedure and Administration

Audit Procedures for Pass-Through Entities (Portfolio 624)
Civil Tax Penalties (Portfolio 634)

Compelled Production of Documents and Testimony Tax Examinations (Portfolio 633)

Discharge of Indebtedness, Bankruptcy and Insolvency (Portfolio 540)

Federal Tax Collection Procedure - Defensive Measures (Portfolio 638)

Federal Tax Collection Procedure - Liens, Levies, Suits and Third Party Liability (Portfolio 637)

Innocent Spouse Relief (Portfolio 645)

IRS National Office Procedures - Rulings, Closing Agreements (Portfolio 621)

IRS Procedures: Examinations and Appeals (Portfolio 623)

Limitations Periods, Interest on Underpayments and Overpayments, and Mitigation (Portfolio 627)

Obtaining Information from the Government - Disclosure Statutes (Portfolio 625)

Practice Before the IRS; Attorney's Fees Tax Proceedings (Portfolio 620)

Refund Litigation (Portfolio 631)

Responsible Person and Lender Liability for Trust Fund Taxes - Sections 6672 and 3505 (Portfolio 639)

Tax Court Litigation (Portfolio 630)

Tax Crimes (Portfolio 636)

Transferee Liability (Portfolio 628)

U.S. Federal Tax Research (Portfolio 100)

Real Estate

Capital Assets (Portfolio 561)
Cooperative and Condominium Apartments (Portfolio 596)

Depreciation Recapture - Sections 1245 and 1250 (Portfolio 563)

Depreciation: MACRS and ACRS (Portfolio 531)

Home Office, Vacation Home, and Home Rental Deductions (Portfolio 547)

Installment Sales (Portfolio 565)

Interest Expense Deductions (Portfolio 536)

Involuntary Conversions (Portfolio 568)

Passive Loss Rules (Portfolio 549)

Real Estate Investment Trusts (Portfolio 742)

Real Estate Leases (Portfolio 593)

Real Estate Mortgages (Portfolio 592)

Rehabilitation Tax Credit and Low-Income Housing Tax Credit (Portfolio 584)

REMICs, FASITs and Other Mortgage-Backed Securities (Portfolio 741)

Structuring Real Estate Joint Ventures with Private REITs (Portfolio 743)

Tax Implications of Home Ownership (Portfolio 594)

Taxation of Real Estate Transactions - An Overview (Portfolio 590)  
Taxfree Exchanges Under Section 1031 (Portfolio 567)


Expert Analysis Topics
  • Compensation Planning
  • Corporate Returns and Computation of Tax
  • Income, Deductions, Credits and Computation of Tax
  • Income Tax Accounting
  • Natural Resources
  • Other Pass-Through Entities
  • Partnerships
  • Procedure and Administration
  • Real Estate
  • U.S. Tax Overview


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