Fiber Optic Telecommunications Networks: Fiber Use Agreements

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Fiber optic telecommunications networks are no longer the exclusive province of the major telecommunications carriers. Incumbent telephone companies, competitive telecommunications carriers, utilities, and municipalities have all contributed to the proliferation of fiber optic networks in recent years, while private users of telecommunications services, “enterprise customers,” have simultaneously developed their own private fiber optic networks to serve their unique needs.

Fiber Optic Telecommunications Networks: Fiber Use Agreements, published by Pike & Fischer and available exclusively through Bloomberg BNA in PDF format, enables attorneys and communications professionals—those that have networks to offer and those that need fiber capacity for the long or short term—to understand fiber optic communications network agreements as well as related agreements, and to negotiate and draft common clauses for these agreements.  

The publication’s commentary and model clauses provide theoretical and practical insights into all aspects of the optical fiber environment:  

  • The principal classes of fiber agreements
  • Offer and acceptance of fiber
  • Maintenance of the fibers
  • Sale of goods and lease of service approaches to fiber contracts
  • Term and payment options
  • Risk allocation
  • Building access
  • Assignment
  • Collocation
  • Insurance
  • Dispute resolution
  • Termination
  • Representations and warranties
  • Rights of way  

The chapters of the book follow the pattern of a typical dark fiber agreement and related agreements. 


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James F. Booth has provided consulting services to telecommunications carriers and enterprise companies that manage their own telecommunications networks for more than 25 years. Since June of 2009, he has also served as General Counsel of Spread Networks, LLC, the industry leader in the construction and operation of low latency high speed networks.


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